The spirits

The Chapuis distillery

The distillery dates from 1923, when it was purchased new by Victor Chapuis, who has since been succeeded by four générations with Maxime, Jean and François. The old lady just celebrated her 100th birthday in December 2023.

It is approved by customs, INAO and France Agrimer and is certified organic to make appellation spirits. Both marc (solids) and liquids (lees, wine, fruit) can be distilled.

The distillery runs in local villages from November to January for winegrowers, professionals and individuals with an orchard. Since 1st January 2024 they can distill their production without having to pay circulation fees.

The distillery works on the principle of distillation where the difference in boiling temperature of two liquids is exploited by heating then condensation.

The Chapuis distillery is a steam still with a three-vessel copper boiler, a distillation column made up of three trays. The vapors rise from tray to tray, pass through the swan neck then into the coil to cool.

- Manifesto written by the Chapuis Family –

Artisanal distillation

The Chapuis distillery has been distilling our eaux-de-vie (Fine de Bourgogne and Marc de Bourgogne) since 2003. Marginal and Rastafia are also distilled by her.

Marc and Fine de Bourgogne

The distillery in a few pictures