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“Si vis pacem, para vinum”

"If you want peace, prepare the wine"

The history of Clos des Vignes du Maynes dates back to the year 910; the first date when written trace has been found specifying the existence of the Clos in Cruzille. The monks (”moines” in French) of the Abbey in Cluny worked these “Moynes” vines for many years. In 1540, the place which was called “Vignes du Moynes” became “Vignes du Maynes”.

The Clos was marked by a series of markers bearing the arms of the Abbey in Cluny. One marker is now in the tasting cellar and five other terminals are still in their locations in the Clos.


A story of pioneers

Long owned by the Lords of the Château de Cruzille, the estate then belonged to five generations of farmers before being acquired in 1952 by Pierre and Jeanne Guillot.

From the outset, Pierre elected to make wines using organic farming, without any chemicals, weedkillers, insecticides and without sulfur.

Le Clos has never known chemistry

Committed organic farming

Alain led the estate in this same philosophy. Speaker at the Beaujeu school next to Susanne Michon, Xavier Florin, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon as well as Pierre Rabhi, he was very involved in the legislative aspect and, as President of the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (FNAB), he was responsible for having Philippe Vasseur, Minister of Agriculture, sign the recognition of the logo AB as well as all specifications.

Pierre Guillot
Warranty certificate – 1967

Warranty certificate – 1967

Warranty certificate – 1976

Warranty certificate – 1976

Communication document from the 80s - Front

Communication document from the 80s - Front

Communication document from the 80s - Back

Communication document from the 80s - Back

Consumer information
Julien - Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Maynistan Libre

Julien joined his father in 1998 where he introduced the first biodynamic preparations. He officially took over the estate in 2001 and decided to convert all 7 hectares to this method of cultivation. In addition to the 7 hectares of the Clos, Julien and his team have been operating Clos Fourneau (0.4 hectares) since 2017 and Martailly (1.25 hectares) since 2018 on a lease basis.

Logo Le Clos des Vignes du Maynes - marron

Vive le Maynistan libre !

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