Clos des Vignes du Maynes

Created by the monks of the Abbey in Cluny in 910, the domaine has exclusively worked in organic farming since 1954 and in biodynamic farming since 1998.

The domaine

The Clos des Vignes du Maynes is part of the Burgundian tradition of registering plots by monks. Its origin dates back to the year 910, the date of creation of the Abbey in Cluny by the Duke of Aquitaine. Property of the Lords of the Château de Cruzille, the domaine then belonged to five generations of farmers before being bought in 1952 by Pierre and Jeanne Guillot.

From the beginning, Pierre and after him, his son Alain, elected to make wines using organic farming, without chemicals, without weedkillers, without insecticides and without sulfur. Julien joined the domaine in 1998, which he then transitioned to biodynamic agriculture. The Clos has never known chemistry and has always been cultivated with the greatest respect for the land since its origins.

The domaine of Vignes du Maynes
Bunch of grapes
Julien in the vineyards

The vines

Since 1998, we have been following the four seasons in the logic of biodynamic agriculture. Its objective is to support the plant throughout the year by carrying out specific and adapted work: in autumn, it is the decomposition of organic matter; in spring, it is the remobilization of this, then we guide the metamorphosis of these materials into sap, leaves, flowers and fruits. Our objective is to support these different stages with preparations such as horn dung, horsetail, silica, etc.

Making wine as naturally as possible

The vinification

Our winemaking is carried out as naturally as possible: with only native yeasts, without enzymes, without chemical inputs and with little or no filtration or sulfur.

Our white wines are pressed directly. On our red wines, we carry out semi-carbonic maceration according to a well-defined method resulting from three generations of experience and refinement.

Tasting notes and vinification

Joyful and friendly wines

Tasting notes

The wines

For three generations we have been working to produce living wines for shared moments.

We are very attached to the taste and texture of the wine and seek to produce wines that reflect their terroir in the most authentic way possible. For us, it is essential to have the reflection of the geology in each wine, because it is the terroir which is accompanied by the grape variety and not the other way around.

Glass of wine

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