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    Produce wines as natural and authentic as possible

    For 3 generations the Guillot family has strived to make pure wines full of life, without additives, that are representative of the appellation Mâcon-Cruzille.


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    Festive and joyful wines

    My aim is to make wines that are to be shared, for people who enjoy drinking wine, who are looking for a generous and pleasant wine. To achieve this, we try to produce wines as stable and natural as possible.


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    Cuvée 910 a blend of the Burgundy grape varieties as in the 10th Century

    A blend of Gamay, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, this cuvée carries on a tradition of wine making originated by monks of the Cluny Abbey.


The Clos des Vignes du Maynes,
a story of pioneers

The Clos des Vignes du Maynes was first recorded on cadastral maps by Burgundian monks. Its origin dates back to 910.


Between tradition and experimentation

As early as 1952, my grandfather decided to make wine organically, using no chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or sulphur.




The Clos des Vignes du Maynes has been biodynamic since 1998 and has been Demeter certified since 2005.

“As soon as you start working biodynamically, you realise that you need to respect your limits, that you mustn’t compact the soil and you immediately have a different approach.”

logo-abThe domaine has been farmed organically since its creation in 1952. Alain Guillot was elected president of the FNAB (French national federation of organic agriculture) in 1990.

“From a very young age, I learnt both from my father and from the agricultural college in Beaujeu to have a view, a position and to take a step back from things. The most important thing I understood was that nature is not the farmer’s enemy.”


Vinification, maturing, our wines

We use the most natural methods possible to vinify our wines: using natural yeasts, no sulphur, no enzymes and no chemical additives. The wooden vats are cleaned thoroughly beforehand, and they are scrubbed with marc de Bourgogne to stimulate the yeasts. During the harvest, which is all done by hand and placed in small containers, we sort the grapes meticulously in order not to damage them during their journey to the winery.

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They talk about us

  • Pure wines, a passionate man, respectful of his terroirs. After several tastings and hours talking about energies, biodiversity, living in the cellar of Sagy, it is always a great pleasure to offer these wines to our customers and to convey to them the vision of the domain.

    Julien Buiret
    Sommelier Aux Terrasses (Tournus)

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